Sunday, June 28, 2009

Swept Away

Its hard to come up with the words to describe the feelings I know most Mets fans like myself are experiencing right now.......frustration.......anger.......desperation. It would be one thing if the Mets were battling in these 3 most recent loses, but poor defense, poor pitching and no hitting have really done in the Mets after an encouraging series against the Cardinals. I think after watching how this series unfolded it is quite clear to everyone that the Mets need to make a move to improve not only the teams hitting but its defense as well. The time is now to make a move to acquire a legitimate major league caliber hitter, and it is time to send Murphy and Martinez back down to the minors. Murphy is just a mess at the plate and his defense has proven too costly this year. Murphy needs to be back down in the minors to get his confidence and stroke back and also to get more seasoning at first base where it won't be so costly to the Mets. Martinez has just been over matched since he was first called up, and would have been better off staying in the minors even after Carlos Beltran got hurt. He does have great speed but I have seen several defensive miscues and there just aren't any words to describe his hitting. He is only 20 years old so there is a a lot of potential there but he needs to be sent down before permanent damage is done. These injuries have shown the lack of organizational depth the Mets really have, while they have experienced bad luck with injuries and seeing Fernando Tatis fall back to earth after he tinkered with his swing, things just aren't looking up so it is clear the Mets need outside of the organization help. The best news of the night for the Mets came out of Brooklyn with Oliver Perez pitching a solid outing, and with him on track to make one more start before returning to the majors it looks like Tim Redding will have one more start before he gets sent to the 'pen. I couldn't end tonight's entry without acknowledging the accomplishments of Mariano Rivera, 500 saves is a tribute to how great and consistent a closer he has been, I can't wait for the day when Yankee fans realize how lucky they've had it with Rivera.

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