Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mets-Yanks Recap

It was a tough night at Citi if you were a Mets fan last night, not only were we outnumbered by Yankees fans but were almost on the wrong side of history again. The past two games show just how depleted the Mets are as CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett had it pretty easy against the Mets. The one hit the Mets were able to get the entire game speaks volumes to how the lineup is composed of mostly Triple A and role players. There is a definite need for the Mets to make a deal for a bat as it doesn't seem like Delgado, Reyes or Beltran will be back soon, but hey Angel Pagan should be back in the next week. A deal for Mark Teahen, Aubrey Huff, Adam Dunn, or Ryan Spilborghs is needed at this point for this team to stay close enough with the Phillies so that when Beltran, Reyes and Delgado come back it isn't a desperate situation. Although, Omar needs to be cautious so that he doesn't give up too much for a run now. (Do I have to remind Mets Fans about the Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano fiasco.) Hopefully Wright or Church can get on a tear and carry us to the All Star Break.

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