Thursday, July 2, 2009


I love how that whenever the Mets lose or they make a mistake the Mets are criticized for having a lack of leadership, and almost immediately after that David Wright is thrown under the bus for not stepping up and being a leader. While it is true that it seemed like Carlos Delgado, before he got hurt, was one of the leaders and it does seem like now David Wright is taking the more visible leadership role. For example he makes more trips to the mound to talk to the pitcher than ever before and there is of course his, much publicized, dugout talk with Mike Pelfrey in Baltimore. I think the saying "you're never as bad as you as seem and never as good either" applies here. When your losing there is more spotlight placed on the lack of leadership that outsiders believe there is on a team, and when things are going well you're never as great a leader as everyone makes you out to be. When the Mets and David Wright were playing well there was talk of making him a captain and when David is struggling his leadership is called into question. I do believe David Wright is a leader on this team as well as guys like Alex Cora, Sheff, and Johan are. There is so much that goes on behind closed doors that its hard to get a feel for what a clubhouse and the leaders within are really like. John Franco was recently quoted as saying the Mets need to be having more fun out there and while I respect John Franco hes totally off base. Hes an outsider looking in so hes opinion is just as valued as yours on mine should be. Every clubhouse is different some are loose and more relaxed, like the 2006 club and some are more "professional" both are good and both have worked in winning baseball games. The questioning of the Mets "lack of leadership" has more to do with the media and fans yearning for someone to berate a player every time he makes a mistake or strikeouts or walks a batter. If that were the case that player wouldn't be a leader he would be hated by his teammates. I think this leadership question needs to be put to rest until you here someone within the clubhouse say, " we're a sinking ship and no one is leading us."

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